Wednesday, August 27, 2008

3 What Ifs...

1. What if God told you that your city was going to be destroyed (not nescesarily by him or by his choosing)but said

you could save yourself and any 5 people of your choosing? Who would you pick?

2. What if He said that the Earth would be destroyed? You could pick any 5 and you could try to repopulate the Earth but you don't have to and there is no guarantee of success.

3. What if the Earth would be destroyed and you could choose 5, you would all live as long as you wanted to without

depression guilt or anything else that would make life miserable but you would all be sterile?

My answers are below.

1. I would choose my mother, my 2 best friends, Thomas and James, and Thomas's wife and daughter.
2. I would choose try to repopulate the Earth. First I would plead with God to let me save 1 more (Yes I'm bending a rule I never said existed ;-) If successful I would choose Thomas and his family, and Jeff and his wife and son. The goal would be to try ad repopulate. If unsuccessful I wouldn't try and exchange my life. I would choose Thomas and his fam, and I won't eveal the other 2 because it might get me into trouble.
3. I would have to say the same people in 1.

Thomas, the blog post I told you about is coming soon, but it hasn't been written yet.


didymus said...

Well, thank you for the vote of confidence. I'm glad I'm so valued.

BTW, where did you come by such morbid questions?

Michael said...

I have no idea, it just came to me while I was waiting for a bus. I think I needed to post it to kind of test the waters for what I am bout to post.