Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Evan Almighty

OMG, yes it is a blog post from me!

I just finished watching the movie Evan Almighty. (yeah I know, it took me long enough).
I 'm sorry that it took me so long. While the religious right probably cringe at the thought of God being portrayed by Morgan Freeman and Hollywood having the audacity to show a modern day Noah's Ark story that has a different ending than the original, I think this is a work of genius. I truly believe is working through this movie and it's prequel to get people's attention. So what if a few or several details are wrong, the point is to get their attention. And I am glad to see this happening in blockbuster movies.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The End of Broadcast TV?

OK, so I just learned (thank you Felix) that in 2009 TV is moving into a new era. Analog TV (what is broadcast over the airwaves currently) will no longer exist as of Feb 17, 2009. What does this mean? Old TVs that do no have a digital tuner will no longer work without a digital converter. Not to worry, they only cost about a hundred bucks and the government is offering $40 off coupons to be announced here.
And here is a link to all the info straight from the guys who caused all this turmoil. This site even comes with a countdown to the dreaded day of conversion!
It has been suggested that TV will no longer be free, but that is not the case, you just need t right equipment to get it.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pet Peeves

If you get an email from any financial institution and it has a link you are supposed to click on for access to your account or to verify your account or any other reason, don't click it! Most likely that email is NOT from the company it says it is and you will be at best willingly giving over the information you type into their website to fraudsters. If they are really malicious, you could be installing viruses and spyware onto your computer that could do anything from give you annoying pop up ads, to steal more information or even destroy your computer. If you need access to your account online, type the companies web address (URL) directly into your web browser!

If you know the web address (URL) you are going to you do not need a search engine like Google or Yahoo. That's like going to a phone book to look up a phone number when you already know it and if it pulls up similar entries you might even accidentally go to the wrong one.

If you call your bank and they ask you for things like your SSN or account number, they already have it. They just need you to prove who you are so they don't accidentally give a thief access to all your money. And don't be surprised if they change what they ask for, it's good for companies to do that sometimes so thieves don't know what info they need to steal to get access to your accounts.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Why I Believe What I Believe

I had a conversation at work tonight that really made me think about why I believe the things I believe when it comes to the whole church/religion thing. I think it would be cool for people who know me to know my story and so I present: Why I Believe What I Believe. Basically I grew up in the LDS church... and in a Fundamentalist Mormon church (I'll call it FM for short). If you don't know what that is Google Warren Jeffs. Our group wasn't as extreme but you'll get the idea. That is not so unusual as it might sound. Many people who belong to a FM church also belong to the modern day, mainstream LDS church as well. The reasoning is that (at least in the specific group I was in) the modern day, mainstream LDS church supposedly broke off from the FM churches when it decided that black people should be allowed to hold priesthood positions and that polygamy is no longer a requirement for entering the Celestial Kingdom (The best of the 3 Heavens both groups believe in). I truly believe my spiritual growth begins with that. One day when I was in high school I came to realize that I had been accepting the teachings of these two churches without question and that my "testimony" wasn't my own. So I prayed that God would reveal to me if either of the two churches were his true church (or the one true church) and if the Book of Mormon was true. It took a few days but one morning while I was getting ready for school I got my answer. I don't really know how to describe the voice I heard but I'll try. It was verbal, but I knew I was the only one who could hear it. It was gentle but firm. It said one word "No". I knew what it meant right away and it caught me so off guard that I prayed again for God to reveal to me if either of them was true and immediately this time I got the same answer. This time however I also got a little bit of information that came down to this: The FM church believed that the LDS church would rejoin it and even though it was teaching false things it wasn't wrong or something like that (this I already knew but could never understand) and what I was told was that because they believed that the LDS church wasn't wrong in teaching false doctrine the FM church could not be the one true church. Now the since the LDS church once taught certain things were required to get to the Celestial Kingdom and they abandoned those teachings and continued to teach that God does not change, this was evidence that the LDS church could not be God's one true church. The conclusion was that neither church was true and neither was the Book of Mormon.

Immediately I left the Mormon church, but I didn't say anything to anyone. I had an early morning seminary class that I stopped going to. (Since it was extra-curricular and before school my grade didn't matter). So I spent the next few years not knowing what to believe and I searched through a lot. I joined a Pentecostal church, but that didn't work out. I just couldn't find my place. I tried Wicca and I tried Catholicism and I even tried going back to the LDS church. Nothing seemed to fit anymore. One day when I was depressed about life (I had started getting myself into financial trouble) I started thinking about God and how I had tried to find him in one place. Then it came to me, no church has the whole truth, every church has a small part of it and it's up to me to figure out what that piece is in each church then put it all together for myself. The next day I was invited to go to a church service in the park. I thought that was freaking cool and so I went. (Well that and I thought the girl who invited me was hitting on me). I studied the bible with some of the members of that church and after about a month I was baptized (for my 4th time now) and became a member. I was a member for several years and during that time I had returned to thinking that God did have one true church and this was it. Over time I came to realize that that wasn't necessarily the case thanks in large measure to my best friend who to say the least is an unorthodox Christian. Then the church split. Some of the group joined the Southeast Christian Church and some of the group stayed in the Salt Lake Christian Church. I was with the first group.

So what it took me about 15 years to learn is this:
God's one true church is comprised of those who truly give themselves freely to him. Whether they are Mormons or Catholics or Muslims or whatever is not as important as this. The first and greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. All the law and the prophets hang on these two commandments. I believe that means that the entire Bible is about how to do those two things and that as long as you do them to the best of your ability, that is what God cares the most about and he will accept you on the day of judgement.

And I say these things in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.